StopCovid: stay home, stay safe

There are still people defending it's safe to leave home - It's not!

In just 2 simple steps you can help STOP the spreading of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

1. Access this website

In a few days, when this service will be running, come back at the page you are now - - from your computer or mobile phone. You can also be notified by email.

2. Inform how you are feeling

  • I'm healthy.
  • I have some symptoms.
  • I'm COVID-19 positive. If you were tested positive.
  • I'm recovered: If you are already recovered from Coronavirus.

3. Optional: If you want be part of the statistics

  • Allow a temporary permission to register your coordinates and update the map with your health status and position.
    If you are not comfortable with that, you can just skip this step and navigate in the map normally.
  • We never track your position
    Our service is never running in the background, so we won't be able to track you - If you want to update your location there's a specific button to that.
Notify me when you go live

Community and Privacy

This project depends on how you and your community will engage to help covering this pandemic. That's why we are opening this idea even before having a platform running.

Privacy is a huge concern to us since the beginning. The data collected is limited to the position you were when asked about your location and a cookie assigned to your browser that doesn't allow us to identify you. As third-party, we will be using analytics tools (to be defined) to understand audience and discover other ways to combat this pandemic.

I want to help, notify me

Inform your email to be notified as soon as we go live
- or come back in a few days -

Thanks for visit and support this project!

Thank you!
You will be notified as soon as we go live. Stay safe!
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